Interview With SGA Presidential Candidate, Jennifer Panchi

Jennifer Panchi
Jennifer Panchi – SGA Presidential Candidate

I sat down today with Jennifer Panchi, a SGA Presidential candidate. The full interview is at the bottom of this post.

Jennifer has been attending RVCC for one year(2 semesters), and is a SGA Representive for Latino club. and Vice-President of Finance for the Student Life Activity Planning Board(SLAP). She is running for President because she is very active around campus. “Being active on campus will give me a chance to voice so many people’s opinions”.

When asked about what issues she wanted to fix on campus, her first response was fixing “the wifi issue on campus… that’s the one thing I feel people are concerned about”. She also wants to provide color printing to students, thinking mainly about the science students working with graphs that need color for better understanding. Have no fear, she also wants to work on the terrible parking. “That’s by far the biggest issue here at RVCC”.

As any good candidate would, she has running mates. Jennifer Gomez-Hernandez is running for President of SLAP. “She has very big ideas for other events at our school.” She goes on to say that an idea Jennifer Gomez-Hernandez has is to bring an artist to the school for an end of the year party, much like a homecoming that other colleges have.

Jennifer Panchi also wants to improve the communication between clubs. “There’s many new clubs that I don’t think SGA is aware of. That could use the funding, and not even just the funding, but the support”. Jennifer doesn’t think this will be a big deal for her, because she is very easy to talk to.

On the topic of getting students involved, I stated that outside of club leaders, student’s rarely check their emails. Jennifer’s response was simple. “Social Media… everyone has Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook(people still check that), Instagram…I know the school has Twitter, Facebook and Instagram but not a lot of people use it. I think working on that and making it a stronger way to communicate with other students could definitely work”. She even wants to see the school get a Snapchat, stating that “that’s a constant update, a lot of people check their snapchat..every five minutes”.

So why should you vote for Jennifer? “Well I think there are many reasons that students should vote for me. One is that I am a Latina, and there is a lot of stereotypes out there that Hispanic people are not capable of doing many things…I want to be able to voice not only the Latino opinion, but I want to be able to voice so many opinions that are not being heard”. One of the ways she wants to hear from people, clubs in this instance is a thing called “Club Hopping”. “Not only does it help you as a helps the clubs as well…even from the most popular club, to the least popular clubs, they need to be heard”.

One of the recent topics brought up in the school is on smoking on campus. There are talks(very small, but talks nonetheless) of getting rid of the “Smokers corner” located by the planetarium. When asked about it Jennifer stated that “While I am not a smoker… I do think there should be an only area for smoking around campus…I think that[where it is now] is okay”. However she does want to set a boundary on where it’s okay and where it is not.

Finally, she talked about setting up an easy way to create petitions, stating that “I am a strong believer in petitions, petitions are a way to voice one’s opinions…That’s the first thing I’ll if I do become President is create the petition to voice your opinion..Petitions are the way to make things happen”.

Jennifer Panchi is clearly someone who wants to hear the student body’s opinion, and make sure they know they are heard.

Elections started March 1st(yesterday), and will close after spring break. To vote, log in to Lions Den, and on the home page there is a section that contains a list of bios of every candidate for every position, and a link that says “Vote Here”. There will also be voting stations around RVCC on Thursday March 3rd, and Friday, March 4th.

Below is the full interview.



Eating Limes Spo-Dee-O-Dee: Jeffery On Books 1


The past few days, I’ve fallen sick and returned to the oddness of eating limes whole. In order to make the most of the former and downplay the latter, I’ve gone back to reading in my free time. Most are music history books, what the hell that might be, so why not take the time to throw up reviews?

The first book that I’ve completed in the batch, is one that has been lingers around me for some time. Nick Tosches, the grand prick of rock and roll critics, really grabbed my attention with his biography of Jerry Lee Lewis, Hellfire. Since reading the book last summer, I’ve bought two other books of his, firstly “Unsung Heroes Of Rock ‘N’ Roll” and also “Country: Twisted Roots Of Rock And Roll.”

I started with “Unsung Heroes” which turned out to a something of a simple affair. Each chapter devoted to a different musician. To say the least the book is a fascinating and a must for any pretentious fan of whatever it is rock ‘n’ roll is. Also a must for any wanna be music critic or music fan.

The music is primarily pre-rock, some jazz (ex. King Cole Trio), boogie-woogie (Pinetop Smith), hillbilly boogie (Ella Mae Morse), western swing (Young Bill Haley), and a whole lotta blues from Big Joe Turner to Screamin’ Jay Hawkins. None of the acts are explicitly rock acts, but rock wouldn’t be the same without them. That is of course implying that rock would have even come to be without these acts. Would Chuck Berry have been the same star without the riff to “Johnny B Goode”, which was stolen from a jazz song by Louis Jordan known as “Ain’t That Just Like A Woman”


The book does a good job at making morons shut up, and for that I can put no price on. Either way, it’s a must and like many of moronic husks before me, I will be making a radio show featuring several of the artists mentioned in the book. A solid 3 out 4 good rockin’ nights.