Return of The Black Eyed Peas? Not yet anyway.

We’re a little late on this band wagon, but it doesn’t hurt to give our feedback.

5 days ago, the Black Eyed Peas released a new song! Well, kind of.

What we actually got was a new version of their old song, Where is the Love, and a lot of people aren’t sure how to feel about. So what’s good about it? What’s bad?

Lets start with the good. The good is that they’re raising awareness for current issues, much the same way the original version of Where is the Love did. They’ve updated the lyrics to be relate-able to the current news.

Now I’ve gone back and listened to the original, and I have to say even the old lyrics were still very pertinent with today’s issues. However it’s still great they’ve updated the song to be current. It’s also really nice that they’ve included many other artists such as Justin Timberlake, the Game, Dj Khaled,  Jessie J, Jaden Smith, and Usher, to name a few. It of course also has the original Black Eyed Peas group.

The bad, well, it’s different. And only somewhat unnecessary. To me, I’ve felt like the original was always very relate-able. Something I could listen to and still get the message. I understand they’re raising awareness for police violence, and the need for love with today’s situations, I just got the same information from their original song.


A lot of people don’t like the song because it’s too different, Will.I.Am uses his well known auto-tuned voice instead of the natural voice he used in the original version, and that change is weird to people. However I actually genuinely liked the video. If you haven’t watched the video yet, it’s linked below, as well as the original(for comparison).

Important Reminder: Music Without Words Can Be Just As Powerful

I’ve grown up surrounded by all genres of a different music. My dad is the reason I am a fan of a lot of musical groups ranging from Chicago to Mancini to most importantly the Beatles. My brother is the reason I like rap, while his influence was small, simply playing me a few Eminem and KJ-52 songs here and there. I grew tastes on my own, and honestly don’t really dislike any kind of music.

I don’t think anyone can argue music isn’t powerful. But I think far too often we think music is only powerful if it has words in it. While this is a fair thought, and totally understandable, it’s still wrong.

Don’t get me wrong, I love powerful lyrics in a song. For the sake of this article, when I say powerful I mean able to draw out emotions. Whether those emotions be happy or sad is up to the song creator and you.

Have we ever stopped and listened to a instrumental song and obtained the emotion from it though? I was taught as a kid to do just that, my dad being both an audiophile and a music minor. He taught me to listen for emotions being conveyed by the composer. I, unknowingly, kept this lesson with me throughout life. Being able to get the emotions conveyed from a composer on a certain song.

My best friend recently showed me the following artist, and I have listened to this one song non-stop. The music video certainly helps us figure out what the artist means by the song, so, and this is on the honors system, close your eyes and listen once. Once you listen, and try and figure out what the composer was trying to convey, relisten, this time watching the video.

(warning: very mild nudity)


The rest of the article contains emotional spoilers in a sense. Proceed with caution.


So what the composer is trying to convey is sadness. You can tell straight from the title, “This Place Was A Shelter”. He’s writing a song about no longer having a safe place to go to. On first listen, without the video, you sense the sadness.

Now with the video, it’s easier to relate to. This old man, having just lost his wife, must have spent a lot of time at the beach. It was his shelter. Now with her gone, it’s no longer a shelter, he goes into the ocean one last time, and gets rid of the rings. This place was once a shelter……


Never take any music for granted. Lyrics or not, an artist or composer worked hard to convey a message, a sense of emotion. Never overlook that, because you will be overlooking the single greatest reason music of any kind exists in the first place.


Also, definitely check out Ólafur Arnolds on Spotify and iTunes.

[Video]Run The Jewels – Crown


Run the Jewels is freaking fantastic. This is currently one of my favorite songs, and I highly recommend you check out everything they have.

I first heard of Run the Jewels on Silicone Valley on HBO, and I’ve been hooked ever since. So yea, this is my first update. I’ll post videos here and music recommendations as well! I hope to have a new show going up on the stream sometime next week.