Triple Addiction’s Debut, Self-Titled EP 1/26/16


Triple Addiction is a small band from the moderate sized town of Hillsborough New Jersey. This southern rock band from northern United States was formed in 2010. The Band consists of Jon, Chris, and Brandon Loree triplets from Hillsborough NJ also including Ben Pacaja. The vocals for the band are sung by Chris Loree; the youngest of the three triplets. Chris also puts his musical talents on display as the lead guitar player. Brandon holds down the fort on the bass guitar. On the drums is Jon, and rounding out the on the rhythm guitar is Ben. The band is managed by no other than the Jim Loree. Many of these band many of these band members can be seen around wondering the town of Hillsborough just trying to fit in with the people who look up to their musical talents. The Loree boys can often be spotted at Raritan Valley Community College whey they are attending to better the education. Triple Addicted has weekly meetings to discuss there feelings for this small time band hoping to make it big. The band states on their Reverb nation account “We enjoy playing everywhere and anywhere, and we’ll always put on a show.” This is a true statement as are most other of the bands words. Triple Addiction recently performed there Halloween show on Halloween night, and what a show it was! The band performed a number of original songs as well as a few covers. Overall the members of Triple Addiction are down to earth guys who don’t let their musical fame effect there simple lives.








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[New Single] KJ Barney – Heartache – RVR Exclusive

Our close friend KJ Barney released a new song today, and we have it first here on Raritan Valley Radio.

The song is an interesting turn for KJ because it involves more screaming/whisper screaming than he usually does in his songs. I personally enjoyed the song and I think you will too, so without further ado, here is KJ Barney and his new song “Heartache”.


Check out his other work on Bandcamp, and like him on Facebook and on Instagram.

[Video] Theory In Context’s Music Video “Slept In My Contacts”

Theory in Context

Theory In Context is New Jerseyan Will Jackson’s project. I had the honor of meeting Will today, and I am really enjoying this project. His EP, “Postcards & Paper Hearts”, comes out December 18th, and will be available on Bandcamp, iTunes and Spotify. Below is the official music video for “Slept In My Contacts”.

Hopefully after his EP comes out, he will come in and do a “Live At RVR” session!

Theory In Context – Slept In My Contacts

Brian Lowe – Live at RVR

Live At RVRI’m actually really excited about this project, so I guess I should say a little more about it.
I met Brian at a gig out in Stanhope NJ, and Saturday he posted the song “Just A Day”. The idea hit me that I could have him come in and do a live show. What you are about to listen to is the product of that idea.

We met up today and he performed 5 tracks, the 5 tracks below. Feel is off an old EP, Backroads and Movie Screens are off his new EP that released November 7th, Dawn($5.99 on iTunes). Just A Day is a song he wrote after the tragedy in Paris, and I’m Trying is off his next EP, and we got the first listen of the song, even if live.

I hope you enjoy this tiny live EP as much as we did making it. Without further ado:

Brian Lowe: Live At RVR

Also check out his newest music video for the song “Beautiful” off Dawn.