Brian Lowe – Live at RVR

Live At RVRI’m actually really excited about this project, so I guess I should say a little more about it.
I met Brian at a gig out in Stanhope NJ, and Saturday he posted the song “Just A Day”. The idea hit me that I could have him come in and do a live show. What you are about to listen to is the product of that idea.

We met up today and he performed 5 tracks, the 5 tracks below. Feel is off an old EP, Backroads and Movie Screens are off his new EP that released November 7th, Dawn($5.99 on iTunes). Just A Day is a song he wrote after the tragedy in Paris, and I’m Trying is off his next EP, and we got the first listen of the song, even if live.

I hope you enjoy this tiny live EP as much as we did making it. Without further ado:

Brian Lowe: Live At RVR

Also check out his newest music video for the song “Beautiful” off Dawn.