Kendrick Lamar’s new Album to drop April 14th, not today like we anticipated.

Cornrow Kenny told us at the end of The Heart Part IV we have til April 7th to get our shit together. Myself, as well as others around the internet had our shit collectively together at 11pm(when Apple Music refreshes) for new Kendrick Lamar. And we were mildly disappointed. How disappointed? One user on a subreddit HipHopHeads had promised he will livestream himself petting a dog for an hour.

What we got, instead of an album, which is what happened last time he told us to get our shit together, was a preorder for his next album, appropriately titled Album. All we know at the current moment is that it’s dropping next Friday, that this next week may be the longest week ever, and the only confirmed track on it is his new single Humble. Also the cover art is just…’s just black.

If you haven’t yet seen the music video for Humble. I highly suggest you do so, as it’s the greatest music video I’ve ever seen.

I mean, it’s just fantastic, with a reference to an actual Grey Poupon commercial.

So while we don’t have a new album in our hands at the moment, it will only be a week for us to have it. At that point, the internets’ collective left stroke will go viral.

Really, Kendrick just taught us to be humble, and to sit down.

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