Jeffery’s Dumpster Fire Best Of 2016 List

Jeffery’s 10 Best Moments Of Last Year

Some dumb nonsense to fill the void and to help me remember that it is in fact 2017 and I am not just now coming out of a coma. I’m aware, it’s February, best of year lists are done with. Well, have you read mine? I think if you did you’ll realize you were right and that this list is needless and utter trash. Enjoy, try to.

10. Mountain Jam

Got to see Jason Isbell and Courtney Barnett at Mountain Jam.

9. Other Music Signing

Went to a signing at Other Music for the soundtrack of the Revenant, got to see Mac Demarco there.

8. Ween

Finally got to see Ween.

7. Sturgill Simpson

Got decent seats at the Kings Theatre and saw Sturgill Simpson play one of the best albums of the year start to finish.

6. Saw Rosanne Cash

Rosanne Cash at Carnegie Hall playing her last album start to finish. Then another set of her hits and a guest spot by Jeff Tweedy of Wilco. A lot of great Dylan covers, but a terrible view.

5. XPoNential Festival

Getting press passes for a “real” festival is one thing, but to get to see so many great acts I would otherwise not is something else. Highlights include Father John Misty’s….”set” and getting to see Alabama Shakes for the first time.

4. Austin Trip

Saw Nick Lowe open for Mavis Staples. Went to one of the best record stores in America (Waterloo) and bought a live album of Ween playing at Stubb’s. Then took the album to Stubb’s. I nearly overdosed on Voodoo donuts and bbq.

3. Saw Wilco 5, Technically 6 Times This Year

Twice at the Capitol Theater  (Feb 2-3), once at Kings Theatre  (Feb 6), at Mountain Jam (June 3), the Mann Center (June 4), and also on Colbert (Sept 22?). The Mann Center show was a friend’s first Wilco show and also their keyboard/synth players birthday. All great concerts, some over 30s songs, setlist variety, who could ask for more.

2. “Single Handedly Shifted A Conversation

On A Late Night Talk Show”

Went to see Colbert in September this year, guests were Ethan Hawke, Tim Meadows, and Wilco. Went wearing my “Make Wilco Great Again” and when Ethan Hawke came out the first thing he was asked about was his Wilco shirt. He mentioned he mentioned he was a fan. Then he said the fateful words, “I made a  very strange, weird movie when I was younger called Chelsea Walls,” and I started clapping like an idiot. And I besides maybe one other person, I was the only person clapping and I got so excited and clapped so loud that Hawke ended up actually talking a bit about the movie. Just the singular moment of joy from this dumb thing was a treat.

1. Saw Iggy Pop,

I Got To See Iggy Pop Live

I got to see Iggy Pop crowd surf a foot away from me. Also I got to see Iggy Pop perform with band of kickass musicians

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