Coming Soon: Cassette Store Day (Saturday/September8/2016)


Cassette: A Cassette Story

This coming Saturday will be Cassette Store Day, to honor the medium of cassettes with a variety of exclusive releases. It will be the fourth annual year for the event and will feature releases from a wide range of artists. Artists such as Australian singer-songwriter Courtney Barnett, Memphis power pop band Big Star, and DJ Shadow. I assume most of you don’t own a player of cassettes or have any interest in finding out where your closet participating store is. But that’s ok because surprisingly Cassette Store Day may not be the greatest thing for itself.

Events like Cassette Store Day (and Record Store Day), while claiming to support small labels and independent record stores, hurt the very people they intend to support at times. There exists several better articles on this very subject, so I’ll just leave three here for y’all to check out. (Emma Garland) (Nina Ulloa) (Hayli Metter)

For reference most, if not all, stores involved with Cassette Store Day are in fact record stores. How many cassette stores exist? Any? I’m being serious do any cassette exist….Regardless there are both positive and negative aspects to these days, but they are very much fun for any fan of music. I of course will be attempting to find the release of the Courtney Barnett album, “Sometimes I Sit And Think, And Sometimes I Just Sit” and hopefully the Big Star cassette set.

Here is a fuller list of releases found on Brooklyn Vegan:

(The highlights of which are as follows)
  1. Ramones – Ramones – Rhino
  2. JEFF The Brotherhood – Global Chakra Rhythms – Infinity Cat Recordings
  3. Big Star – #1 Record / Radio City / 3rd – 3 Cassette Box Set – Burger Records
  4. Various Artists – Burger Says Sire (Sire Records Compilation) – Burger Records
  5. Thor – Keep The Dogs Away – Burger Records
  6. Various Artists – Say Yes! A Tribute to Elliott Smith – American Laundromat Records
  7. Various Artists – High School Reunion – a tribute to those great 80’s films! – American Laundromat Records
  8. Various Artists – Spectre Records Halloween Mix – Noise Loves Audio
  9. Xiu Xiu – Plays the Music of Twin Peaks – Polyvinyl Records
  10. COURT MARTIALED East Coast Street Chemist Compilation Vol. 2: Da Mic is TAPPED Blacc Ski Weekend Industries

Since Cassette Store is all about giving, let’s just give out a little promotion to Seattle band “Rainy Day Splish Splosh Band” who put out another release for you all to buy, with cassette option included. The project titled, “Creature Feature” can be found on their website here.

So go on out there and support your local record store or cassette store I guess. It’ll be fun. At least it’s not 8-Track day yet, and may it never be.

[It’s never a good sign when the website for your event is a year behind and you have you go to a website that either the words Brooklyn or vegan in its title.]

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