Welcome to Raritan Valley Radio

We here at Raritan Valley Radio(RVR for short) are dedicated to getting you news related to the entertainment industry as well as music. You can listen to our station on the Listen tab. But first a little more about us.

We started in 2011 as a very small DK club, with members enthusiastic about music and DJ-ing. After a short while we realized we had a love for music that needed to be shared. That was when we branched into the radio aspect of things. We started creating pre-recorded shows and putting them into a stream that would play constantly(a stream that still exists to this day, although the shows all completely different.) The club had it’s ups and downs, and never really became a big club.

We decided to create a website this semester because the way people could listen to the stream before was really annoying, and also very sketchy if you didn’t know it was okay. You would go to a tinyurl address, which would download a file with a .asp extension and then it would play in your media player. Anyone who didn’t know that it was safe didn’t trust it, and they were okay in thinking so. This wasn’t an option anymore if we wanted to branch out. So in Fall 2015(that’s now) we decided to create a site.

Please note that the site is very much in it’s infancy, and will be constantly worked on until we have a version we are 100% satisfied with. Please bare with us as we go through this process. So take a look around and see what Raritan Valley Radio has to offer you.

We do accept shows from outside sources(not attending Raritan Valley) however email Jonathan@rarvalradio.com to make sure that your show idea is okay.

We also are looking for local New Jersey bands interested in doing interviews or wanting their music displayed. Bands/musicians can also contact Jonathan@rarvalradio.com

Thank you so much from, the bottom of our hearts.

– Jonathan Thorne
President of Raritan Valley Radio